Privacy Policy SCV

Single Customer View, Trial 1, is a project to ensure that people who display high-risk behaviours are protected from gambling related harm to their health. To do this Participating Operators that provide online gambling products will take steps to identify customers who they believe should not be gambling and share some key customer information with the GamProtect system. Participating Operators will use GamProtect to identify whether the same customer has an account with them and proceed to close their account to reduce the potential for harm.

This privacy notice explains how Participating Operators in the Single Customer View trial project use your personal data. Please note that from 08/02/2023 for a period of approximately 12 weeks Participating Operators will share customer personal data but not take any action on the data. This is so the Participating Operators can evaluate the effectiveness of the technical solution. You can see which operators are participating in the Single Customer View trial project by going to the Participating Operators section of this notice.

There are 3 key players in this process:

1.    The "Closing Operator": this is the Participating Operator that closes your account and can be any of the Participating Operators.

2.    "GamProtect": this is the system that allows for secure data sharing between all operators in a way that ensures privacy. They will receive customer data from the Participating Operators on a daily basis.

3.    The "Receiving Operators": these are the Participating Operators who receive a match from the data that is shared by the Closing Operator to GamProtect and the Receiving Operator's own customer database. If the Receiving Operator and the Closing Operator have the same customer, then they will take a similar action to protect their shared customer e.g., closing the customer's account.

The Receiving Operator will not know the specific reason why the Closing Operator has shared data with them via GamProtect. If your personal data has been shared with GamProtect and you would like to find out why, please contact the Closing Operator. You will receive an email from the Closing Operator informing you that your details will be shared with GamProtect.

How does the Single Customer View trial work?

Risk Identification

Want to stop gambling forever due to problems with their gambling.


  • If a player who is playing with one Participating Operator has been previously added to GamProtect by another Participating Operator, GamProtect will provide the Participating Operator carrying out the GamProtect check with the following information about the player (GamProtect Response):